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Virginia Business and Economy

Basic information on Virginia Business and Economy. Providing details on Virginia companies & businesses, information about services and major contact details for Virginia business and economy - business services, construction and maintenance, employment, financial services, insurance companies, business organizations, Real Estate agents, restaurants, bars, shopping places, travel services & holiday facilities, etc...

Random websites:
Williams Supply
Industrial automation equipment, electrician supplies, and lighting equipment. Lists of services and products, as well as contact information.

Jefco, Inc.
Commercial glass contractor that provides glass, glazing, curtain walls and windows for office buildings, schools and other institutional buildings.

Provider of DSL, ISDN, T-1, frame relay, dial-up services. Web hosting, co-location and network design solutions also available.

Virginia Business
Features several programs that complement Virginia Business Magazine. Viewers can learn more about business news and information concerning the state.

Childhelp USA/Virginia
Promotes the prevention, treatment and education of child abuse and neglect, through body safety programs for kids, residential treatment for abused children, and lectures for adults - all free of charge - as well as the National Child Abuse Hotline.

AIA Northern Virginia
Information on architectural referrals, events awards, and education.

Central Virginia Bank
Community bank with 8 locations. Company information, locations, and loan information.

Tidewater Gutter Services
Information on services and K-Guard technology to clean gutters.

Virginia Association of Housing Counselors
A group of housing counselors, who have joined together for the purpose of strengthening housing counseling as a profession.

World Wide Link
Another solution provided by Rappahannock Electric Cooperative through its HomeResources package of products and services.

Yahoo News

U.S. attorney general visits Missouri town for meetings on fatal shooting

Attorney General Eric Holder talks with Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol at Drake's Place Restaurant in FlorrissantAttorney General Eric Holder met with community members in Ferguson, Missouri, on Wednesday and vowed a thorough civil rights probe into the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black teenager that has set off 12 nights of racially charged protests. Holder, the first African-American to head the Justice Department, spoke in person with students and then community leaders at a community college during a visit to Ferguson for a briefing on a Justice Department investigation into the Aug. 9 killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown. Also on Wednesday, a grand jury began hearing evidence in the case, though protesters stepped up their demands that the local criminal probe be turned over to a special prosecutor. "We are looking for violations of federal, criminal civil rights statutes," he said.

California bill would let birth certificates reflect same-sex parents

Jason Howe and Adrian Perez hold their twin daughters Clara and Olivia at a playground in West HollywoodBirth certificates in California would be changed to more accurately reflect families in which parents are of the same gender under a bill passed by the legislature on Wednesday. The bill, which now goes to Democratic Governor Jerry Brown, would allow parents to identify themselves as father, mother or parent when a child is born, a nuanced change from the current birth certificate that backers say is more reflective of growing rights and acceptance for same-sex couples. "This bill seems subtle but I think it’s going to make a profound impact on how people view each other," said the bill's author, Democratic Assemblyman Jimmy Gomez of Los Angeles. In March, a baby in Tennessee became the first child in that state to have two women listed on her birth certificate, although one was in the spot marked "father." In Florida last year, a judge approved an adoption of a baby girl that listed three people as parents on her birth certificate: a lesbian couple and a gay man, who was the sperm donor for the baby but sought a bigger role in his daughter’s life.

California students charged after plotting school shooting
By Daina Beth Solomon LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Two teenagers who conspired to kill three members of staff and many students at a high school in a Los Angeles suburb were charged on Wednesday with one count each of making criminal threats, prosecutors said. Rebecca Lewis, deputy district attorney at Los Angeles County, said in a statement the teens talked about carrying out a mass shooting at their high school and they allegedly shared their plans with another teen who they threatened to kill. The boys, ages 16 and 17, denied the charges in Pasadena Juvenile Court, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office said on Twitter. Detectives learned of the plot last Thursday from school administrators and investigators worked to unravel the plan, which involved borrowing a gun belonging to one boy's relatives and a possible gunfight with officers, South Pasadena police said on Tuesday.

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